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  • Updates, updates and updates!

    Goodevening AytonCityyy!

    It's been a while, but I managed to roll out some fresh updates today!

    High Definition
    First of all, from now on you'll be able to play AytonCity in high-definition. Unfortunately, it is not possible to play in HD on the old/current client. So you'll have to re-download the client, by clicking the "play now" button.
    Once the client is download, you'll be able to run the game in high definition!

    Untill now it was only possible to get the Barbarian Assault rewards by purchasing them in the 'vote reward point-shop'. From now on it will also be possible getting it by playing Assault.
    In Assault you kill Elite Khazard guards. They drop "Assault points" which can be exchanged for various items such as Fighter torso etc.
    Assault can be accessed by the minigame option at the home teleporter.

    Another small quality of life update is that the shopping area, upstairs at home, has been redone. The shops have been completely re-designed.
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  • New home and more!

    Hey mates!

    It's been quite a while since the last update was released. But as most of you know already, I've been working hard on a new home area the past period, and I'm happy to say that it's release is today!

    The new home area offers us a load of new possibilities. As seen on the "homemap" below, we will be based on Etceteria and Miscellania from now on. Most of the existing features have been moved a long, but I'm also happy to introduce some new features.

    Miscellania and Etceteria (The safe and the danger)
    Miscellania will be the place you start from now. All the basic needs can be found on this part of the island. However, when it comes to the valuables, these can be found on Etceteria.
    But be aware! Etceteria is the dangerous part. As soon as you cross the bridge, you will enter the "wilderness".
    Etceteria is filled with valuable resources. But Etceteria is also a PvP area, where you will lose your items on death!
    You will also be able to find a new and custom boss here, called Dad. And a so called "Shortcut-portal" to several areas within the game.

    New boss, Dad
    Of course, a very dangerous boss couldn't be left out. Dad can be found on the south-eastern part of Etceteria. Dad is extremely strong, and impossible to solo. He used all three different attack styles, and as soon as you get in touch with him, you probably won't survive.
    His drops are similar to revenant drops, but he also offers some extra interesting drops :).

    And of course, plenty of other features have been added. But feel free to discover those yourselves!
    See you ingame!

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  • Max Cape

    Hi AytonCity,

    as the first "maxed player" is about to come, I've decided to release the Max Cape.
    The Max Cape is being sold by "Max the Traveller". He can be found west of the Warrior's Guild.

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